November 30, 2021

Chemical reaction engineering Most Important MCQ | MCQ for GTU Exam

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Gujarat Technology University
Gujarat Technology University

1. chemical reaction accuses, when the energy of the reactant molecules is __________ the activation energy of a reaction.

ans. Equal to or more than

2. Where a Holder piece required in a reactor for gas liquid reaction are __________ column.

ans. Bubble

3. the excess energy of the reactance required To dissociate in two product is know as the __________ energy.

ans. Activation

4. the rate constant of first order reaction depend on the.

ans. Temperature

5. the reaction rate constant of two different temperature T1 and t2 are related by __________ .

ans. In (k2/k1) = (1/R) ( 1/T1 – 1/T2 )

6. the rate constant of a certain reactions are 1.6 * 10*-3 and 1.625* 10*-2 at 10 degree Celsius and 30 degrees celsius respectively calculate the activation in J/mol

ans. 81533

7. Number of reactions spices involved in the reaction is called __________  

ans. Molecularity

8. Fore homogeneous reaction of Nth order, the dimension of the rate constant if given by __________ 

ans. ( concentration) *1-n /time

9. The space time is equivalent holding time in a study mix reactor for

ans. constant, low density system

10. a Trickled bad reactor is the one which

ans. Emplays all 3 phase ( i.e. solid, liquid, gas)

11. In a catalytic reaction catalyst can be used during the reaction in form of __________

ans. any form depend on the radion.

12. Reciprocal of space velocity is known as..

ans. space time

13. which of the following, fix the volume a batch reactor for a particular conversion and products and rate.

ans. density and mixture

14. for indivisible biomolecular type second order reaction slape of XA( 1 – XA ) Vs time graph is __________

ans. CAo – K

15. inhomogeneous reaction how many phase present during reaction.

ans. 1 phase

16. in an exothermic reaction, the energy of the reading substance as compared to that product is __________ 

ans. more

17. rate of chemical reaction is not affected by.

ans. number of molecules reactants taking part of of the reaction

18. From following which is correct material balance for CSTR 

ans. input – output + disappearance rate

19. Reaction with high activation energy all

ans. exponentially with time

20 . In a semi bache reactor __________ 

ans. velocity is of reaction can be controlled

21. What is the correct equation for indivisible uni molecular type first order reaction

ans. KT = – ln ( 1- XA)

22. The reaction between oxygen and organic material is an __________ reaction.

ans. exothermic

23. For a first order reaction carried in mixed flow reactor the space-time is

ans. CAo • CA/ (-ra)

24. all the chemical reaction process the rate of reaction..

ans. Decrease

25. The most suitable reaction for carrying out and endothermic reaction is a __________ 

ans. C.S.T.R

26. there is no correspondence between statue metric and rate equation in case of an

__________ reaction.

ans. Non elementary

26. rate of chemical reaction is independent of the concentration of the reactant for a 

__________ reaction.

ans. First

27. __________ is the time required for a quality to reduce half its inited value.

ans. Helf Line

28. Space velocity of she – 1 means that

ans. Reactor volume of feed are being fed in 

29. From following which is correct material balance for batch reactor.

ans. disappearance rate + accumbation rates

30. The reaction in which the rate equation does not equal to a stoichiometic equation is called an __________ reactior. 

ans. Non elementary

31. For any reaction, female right conversion as a function of..

ans. Temperature

32. The order of chemical reaction is

ans. always equal to the totals slochmetric number of reactins 

33. plug flow reactor is characterized by __________ 

ans. Rescnce of lateral mixing

34. Specific rate constant for second order reaction 

ans. is independent on temperature

34. sum of power the concentration terms in the rate equation is called is __________ of the reaction.

ans. overall order

35. for a 1st order reaction carried out in apna flow reactor is the space time is

ans. ( 1/K ) ln Co/C

36. for a __________ order reaction, the units of rate constant are rate of reaction are the same

ans. zero

37. if the rate of chemical reaction becomes lower a given temperature than the __________ 

ans. free energy of activation is higher

38. in a chemical reaction __________ conserved.

ans. masses and atms

39. a batch reactor is characterized by

ans. constant residence time

40. in a chemical redian __________ are covered

ans. Masses and atms

41. the rate constant of is function of the


ans. temperature and the system

42. the equilibrium constant ‘K’ of a chemical reaction depends on

ans. temperature only

43. with increase in temperature the rate constant obeying arrhenius equation. 

ans. increase

44. a catalyst __________ 

ans. lower the activation energy of reacting molecules

45. when of following is most suitable for very high pressure gas phase reaction.

ans. plug flow reactor

46. Bath reactor is __________ 

ans. suitable for liquid phase reaction involving small production involving

47. what is the order of chemical reaction where rate is determined by the the variation of and term only.

ans. first 

48. The reaction in which the rate equation carrspend Tu stoichiometic equation is called an __________ reaction

ans. elementary

49. what is the overall order of reaction of -ra= KCaCb

ans. 2 

50. Fluidised bed reactor is characterised by…

ans. uniomilty of temperature

51. which is disadvantage of bach reactor

ans. poor quality control

52. For a zero order reaction the concentration of product increases with the __________ 

ans. increase of reaction time

53. in rate of homogeneous reaction is a fundion of.  

ans. temperature, pressure and composition

54. Space time of 3 hours for a flow reaction reactor means that

ans. 3 reactor volumes of feed cannot be process every hour

55. for a first order chemical reaction the rate constant __________ 

ans. it’s unit of liem

56. Oil and hydrogenated using nickel catalyst in a __________ reactor.

ans. slurry

57. Chemical kinetics can pradict the __________ of a chemical reaction.

ans. rate

58. The percentage for constant density system are indential for __________ .

ans. PFR and pressure reactor

59. On dubbing the concentration of reaction rate reaction triple time the radiation order..

ans. 1.6 

60. The reaction with low activation energy are __________ reaction.

ans. Fast

61. What is the unit of space velocity

ans 1/5

62. Rate constant of chemical reaction increases by increasing the __________ 

ans. Temperature

63. The rate at which a chemical substance reaction in proportionalbyo it’s __________ 

ans. Active mass

64. Arrhenius equation show the variation of________ with temperature. 

ans. Rate constant

65. From following which relation for role of chemical reaction are correct.


66. Which of following is not endothermic in nature. 

ans. gasification of Carbon

67. For mixted floor operating of steady state, the rate of reaction is given by

ans. ( FAO/V) XA

68. Rate of a chemical reaction is not affecting by the

ans. number of moles of reactant taking

69. In which of reaction ane of the reaction change initially other reaction added continuously over a period of time. 

ans. semi bath.

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