November 30, 2021

How to set caller tune in Jio phone ?

How to apply caller tune in Jio phone? 

How to set caller tune in Jio phone ?
How to set caller tune in Jio phone ? 

Ever since Reliance has come to the market, since then the way of using smartphones has changed. In earlier times, we used to think very carefully to keep the caller tune, but in today’s time you can set any tune because it is free to set the caller tune in live phone.

In today’s time there are many people who do not even know that?

How to set caller tune in Jio phone?

So today we will talk. How about your phone How to set jio caller tune? The two begin without delay.

We will tell you about two ways that you can set a caller tune in your jio phone.

The first way in which is the My Jio Music app. And another way is by message. In the first method you should have the Jio Music app installed.

Jio Sawan should be installed in your phone. This makes you

There will be no problem in keeping the caller tune. And you The caller can change the tune whenever he wants.

In the second way, you will have to do a message to Simple Jio after which you select any song and then tune the hello.

You can keep it like jio tune. Let’s know about both methods in details. Put caller tune in jio phone through jio music app.

So let’s know how you can set a caller tune with the jio music app.

 1. First of all, you have to download the Jio Music app in Jio Phone. If your phone is already there, no download. Then you Download it from My Jio app and open this music app.

2. Once you have selected a song, click on that song. Now you will come across many options. Where you have options that click Set S Jio Tune up. You can set that song according to Jio Tune.

4. If clicking a song, the Set jio Tune option is not visible. That means, that song is not available for caller tune. In this case, you have to choose another song for the caller tune.

 5. As soon as you click on Set jio Tune. Then in a while, the caller tune is set in the Jio phone, its message will come from Jio.

Set caller tune by sending message SMS to live phone. Now we will know how you can set caller tune by sending message or SMS.

Set up Jio Caller Tune by sending a message or SMS to a Jio phone?

Now we will know how you can set a caller tune by sending a message.

1. In order to set caller tune through SMS in Jio phone, you have to send SMS, in this you will have to send SMS jP to 56789 to the code given below.

This code is as follows

  • MOVIE send it to 56789
  • Album: send to 56789.
  • Singer: send to 56789. 

Once you send your message, you will get confirmation message from jio.

After that, you will have to send the confirmation again by writing “Y” while answering, after that the tune will be set in your phone.

How long will the Jio phone caller tune stay set?

As soon as you activate the caller tune, after 1 month, it will also become active. To make it active again, you have to repeat the above process again. And no one takes money from a customer to change live caller tune.

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