November 30, 2021

kim jong un biography in english

kim jong un biography

Friends, you must have heard the story of many king emperors and you would have thought that it was good that the era has passed, but even today there are some countries which have been slavery in which the name of North Korea comes first. Today we will talk about the most famous dictator Kim Jong Un, how Kim Jong Un started his dictatorship, so let’s start without delay.

kim jong un biography in english
kim jong un biography in english
Kim Jong Un was born on 8 January 1982 in Pyongyang City, North Korea. His father’s name is Kim Jong-il and mother’s name is Ko Yong-hui. He is the second child of his parents. And his brother’s name was Kim John Chill. Kim Jong Un says that I am not like my father but I am like my grandfather. And his father used to speak wisdom. It is said that his mother was a singer.

Kim Jong Un Education

It is said that he did his studies from Switzerland and his brothers and sisters all studied in Switzerland. He was very good in studies but was very clever in sports. He loved playing basketball and used to play basketball the most. But it was in business school that he did business related studies. He went out to study, so Khayalat was also Western. Kim Jong Un is developing North Korea’s economy tremendously.
History of korea
The Japanese ruled over Korea. Japan has been the most dangerous empire. And his cruelty was more for America. When the second world war took place, Japan was completely defeated and Korea was left alone due to the situation of Japan. And civil war was going on in China. In such a situation, Korea came forward to support China. But in the Second World War, India and Pakistan were not the only ones present.
15 August 1945 Korea was liberated from Japan.
And Korea got divided in two, one South Korea and the other North Korea.


kim jong un biography in english
kim jong un biography 

Birth – 8 January 1983
Post: Supreme Leader of North Korea
Description– Kim Jong Un is called the dictator of North Korea. His father’s name was Kim Jong Il. After the father’s death in 2011, Kim Jong Un declared himself the dictator of North Korea. Recently, he came into the discussion by threatening the nuclear attack to America. Under his leadership, the North Korean army has tested a nuclear and hydrogen bomb.
Kim Jong used to get angry on hearing German
Kim Jong would kick any student who spoke German in his students. He used to spit on her for behaving badly. Because he was initially brought up with the Germans, he continued to consider German as his enemy. It has been written in a news journalist that in school he used to be called as dictator name. Hence this name quickly became popular.

Suspected of killing brother

Kim Jong was a boastful boy. He did not have friendships with people who are not native to North Korea. Before he killed Kim Jong. He claims in his new book that Kim Jong-un saw his stepbrother as a potential threat. He died at Kuala Lumpur Airport in Malaysia after confronting him with a VX nerve agent waiting for a flight.
Kim jong un fact
1. Kim Jong Un has made a rule where people cannot keep their favorite hairstyle, here you can keep the hairstyle as given by Kim Jong Un.
2. Kim Jong studying under his rule, all the children are taught separately about their father and their students and their students and their father’s photos are put in them and in many such places of the city, you will get their photos.
3. When King John his father died, Kim Jong made a rule that those who would not attend his father’s condolence meeting would be imprisoned for 6 months.
4. Kim Jong will be a cruel king for the rest of those countries and the people of the other countries, but for the people there, Kim Jong is more than those God.
5. Kim Jong Un is the only person who challenges America to war.

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