November 30, 2021


In today’s , there are many people who have taken their work very high with technology. In our life, we use many such technologies that make us complete our work in a very short time. In such technology, how can we forget the lift?

We use the lift quite often in the daily routine. What is an all lift and history is known only by less people. In today’s technology era, Hona uses buttons from the car key to the TV remote. With which our life has become very easy.

You might know that in the earlier era, houses were mostly two-three goods, but in today’s era, how did the tallest Bhuj Khalifa of the world, whose height is 2717 feet and 163 storeys became. Lift has a big contribution in this, if the lift had not been invented then how would such a big building have been built.

You may understand that it is very difficult to make a CD or climb on such a big building. If there was no lift, all this work would be impossible. So let’s know what the lift is, how many are there.

What is a Lift?

Lift means transporting goods from one place to another and on such a mechanism, lift lifts our luggage from the bottom to the floor. In this very easily you can take your goods from one end to the other floor.

What does the lift run on?

This lift generally supplies power to the elevator. It has electric motors that drive the lift from one place to another.
Like the pistol in the car is up and down and the lift also works on the same mechanism.

How many types of elevators?

You must have visited many such places where you would get to see different types of elevators and all these elevators are of different types of design. This does not mean that she works differently. But their design is somewhat manipulative.

There are different types of elevators that drive the lift, or the types are given below.

  • Fright elevator
  • Stage lifts
  • Boat lifts
  • Sidewalk elevator

Like, you will get many different types of lift which you will use.

How is a lift made?

The lift is made up of the elevator, to make it, different types of elevator parts are made by connecting them with each other. In such parts you will find things like speed controller, 4 electric doors, floor, waffle and soft.

How does the Lift work?

If you have ever gone to the village and drained water from the well, then you will know that it works on the principal of it. The name of this principal is Puli System.

This is the type of system in which you have to pull the stuff up through the wheel. Wheel You can easily do anything from the bottom to top. And this magnesium is used in elevators.

What is the history of the Lift?

The first lift was built in 1743. There was a king who built it, this lift was used to take the queen to another part of the palace, at that time this thing was called flying chair.
And this king was from France.

Electricity was not discovered at that time, so this work used to be done manually and in view of this flying chair, the scientist who invented the elevator. And the scientist who built the first elevator electric lift was named “ivan kulii bin.”

And as the time changed, so did the changes in the elevators and different types of elevators became available in the market. In today’s elevators you can come up and down through the buttons.

The first lift to run on water and steam was built in the 19th century. But this lift was run through a rope which was very afraid of breaking.

And to overcome such minor problems, an American scientist named “Elisha garvers Otis” discovered safety elevators in 1852.

What did you learn today?

I hope that the full information about the lift and history has been found in this article. I try to give you more knowledge in less words.

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