November 30, 2021

Pulp and Paper Technology Most Important MCQ | MCQ for GTU Exam

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Gujarat Technology University

1.which process is used to  all types of woods for pulping process ?

ans. Kraft process

2. __________ is the partially a record from kraft liquid it is obtained after in black liquor in recovery boiler .

ans. Green liquors

3. __________ is a fresh pulping liquor for the kraft process crossing of the active NAOH and NA2S small amount of NA2CO3.

ans. white liquor

4. what is the value of melting point of DMSO

ans . 18.5

5. sulphate pulp process is known as __________. 

ans. Kraft process

6. what is the full form of RMP in pulp and paper industry. 

ans . Refiner mechanical pulp

7. which chemical obtained as a byproduct in paper and pulp industry.

ans. chlorine dioxide

8. what is the range of yield in semi chemical process. 

ans. 60-80%

9. [ NaOH (NaOH + Na2S ) • 100% ] is the formula for __________ is Kraft process.

ans. causticity

10. __________ is a utilised for applying in pulp slurry to screen

ans. forming

11. __________ is used as an obtain in natural and manufacturing

ans. DMS

12. what is the value of boiling point __________. 

ans. 37°c

13. what is the physical state of DMSO. 

ans. colorless liquid

14. acetate and cellulose are the deviation of which chemical. 

ans. cellulose

15. which one is following given option is the example of enzymes used in lignin waste treatment.

ans. introdiol

16. __________ refers to the oppearance fal of the paper surface.

ans. Finish

17. category toilet paper, napkin are the example of which type of paper.

ans. Tissue paper

18. __________ is the waste liquor from the kraft pulping in process of pulping is completed.

ans. Black liquor

19. What is the full form of DMS.

ans. Dimethyl sulfide

20. Gum is the best example of __________. 

ans. Hardwood

21. DMSO is used as __________ in industry.

ans. Solvent and catalyst

22. what is chemical formula of DMSO.

ans. C2H6O5

23. cellulose is __________ in water, alkali dilute acid.

ans. Insoluble

24. __________ is a paper filter and a cooling which is of excellent quality and brightness.

ans. Clay

25. Paper is sweet material made of filter which held together by __________ bonds.

ans. Hydrogen

26. The low __________ removal next chemical recovery difficult the semi chemical process.

ans. Lignin

26. chemical used in Kraft process are __________

ans. NaOH and Na2S

27. What is the formula of TMP IN paper and pulp industry. 

ans. Thermo Mechanical pulp

28. What is the name of process in which chemical pulp can produce by alkaline process

ans. sulfate process

29. __________ is the process where the pulp is reprinted from large saves know as

ans. Cutting

30. Which of given option is an example of residue chips

ans. Sawdust

41. what is the full form of NSSC process in pulp paper technology?

ans. Natural Sulphate Semi Chemical

42. What is the temperature consider of digester in sulphate process.

ans. 140° C to 180°C

43. Which country first invent pulp and paper making?

ans. China

44. What is the pressure consider of digester in sulfite process?

ans. 620 – 755 KPa

45. Bleaching of chemical  is achieved by removal of __________.

ans. Lignin 

46. Cellulose is __________.

ans. poly – socharides

47. Brown liquor is also known as __________ in the sulphate burping.

ans. Red liquor

48. Which one of given option is novel pulping method.

ans. white pulping

49. __________ % Of Nitrogen Based In Wood.

ans . 0.50 ( Maybe )

50. Which chemical is linear polymer of on hydro D-glucose content by beta (1-4) linkag.

ans. cellulose

51. cellulose is material which can exist in 

__________ States

ans. crystalline solid

52. What % of dry weight of wood in convert into pulp by mechanical process?

ans. 95%

53. What is the value of melting point of DMS?

ans. – 98° C

54. Full form of LME in paper and pulp.

ans. Lignin-modifying Enymes

55. Which one is the given option is the major engineering problem of DMS production?

ans. optimisation of yield

56. __________ is used as bleaching agent for pulp.

ans. Hydrogen – Peroxide

57. What Is The Chemical Formula Of DMS?

ans. (CH3)2 S

58. For sulphate process digestion time is…

ans. 2- 5 hr

59. For sulphide process digestion time is..

ans. 6 – 12 Hr

60. Which one of the given option is the example of writing paper?

ans. Linen paper

61. Major Engineering Problem of pulp industry __________ .

ans. pollution and waste disposal

62. What are the % aap carbon present in wood?

ans. 50%

63. What Is The Full Form Of PGM?

ans. pressure ground wood

64. Chemical pulping and bleaching of chemical for both come under __________ reaction.

ans. Delignification

65. what is the temperature condition of digester in sulphite process?

ans. 120° C to 160° C

66. The chemical formula of cellulose is __________.

ans. [ C6H10O5] x 

67. __________ is a thick paper of low density and quality used for making solid strength.

ans. chipboard

68. Which agent are added to pulp slurry to reduce water and any other liquid into the pulp its production?

ans. Bleaching agent

69. Sulphide Process Digestion Time Is…

ans. 6- 12 Hr

70. what is the pressure considered in digester in sulfate process?

ans. 6-7 ATM

71. What percentage of Dry weight of wood is convert into pulp by chemical pulping process?

ans. 40 to 50%

72. __________ is non fibre material for paper making in paper industry.

ans. Tale

72. Appearance of cellulose is __________ .

ans. white powder

73. The a device for continuously forming, pressing and drying web of paper fibre?

ans. Fourdrinier Machine 

74. What is the name of chemical chemical cellulose which is wood, bamboo chemical method?

ans. pulp

75. What is the value of boiling point of DMSo?

ans. 190°C

76. __________ is grade of paper is best phone price what is bar in paper industry?

ans. Straw

77. which are three boards category of pulping process?

ans. isentropic semi chemical

78. What is the Full form of SGW?

ans. stone ground wood

79. High price and storage of fibre raw material are the nature and sharing problem of which industry?

ans. paper and pulp industry

80. Which one of the given option in lignin chemical?

ans. DMS 

81. what is the full form of DMSo?

ans. dimethyl sulfoxide

82. a supply is required for which chemical as a raw material in pulp and paper industry?

ans. cellulose

83. The pulp is bleach to product __________ papar?

ans. white Papar

84. What are the percentage of oxygen present in wood?

ans. 44.50%

85. Cellulose is raw material which can exist in catalytic and amarphous States?

ans. True

86. Cellulose is a linear polymer of hydro glucose contact bi beta leakage?

ans. True

87. Which is the compound by definition are soluble in organic solvent and water?

ans. Extractives

88. Which process is used to treat all types of wood for pulping process?

ans. Kraft pulping process

89. what is the full form of TAP?

ans. Thermo Mechanical pulp

90. What is the range of PH required as acid sulphide process?

ans. 15-2 PH

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