November 30, 2021

What is QR code, How to create and how to use?

You must have seen the QR code at one time or another, there have been many changes in the technology with changing times and today we use a lot of QR code in this technology.

What is QR code? and what technology is used in it? Today we are going to know all this and why and how it is used? Whenever you go shopping somewhere or other, you must have seen the QR code.

The QR code has a URL embedded behind it, so that we know if we scan with our smartphone. Like when we scan QR code from smartphone QR code, then this code redirects us to the website or URL and the QR code has been created.

Although such schemes have been prevalent among us on the Internet for a long time, but do you know what is the full form of QR code?

QR code – Quick Response code

As its name is, its work is like when we stand our smartphone with it and play a pinch it gives us the result. So go to the details behind this quick response code that how it works.

What is QR Code?

Quick Response Code In Short Form

Know from the QR code. It is like square barcode and the first QR code was made in Japan. It is quite different from the traditional UPC barcode in view, which is like a horizontal line.

But it is very fast aur attractive and we can store informations in this small court.

We can easily share big data with the help of QR code. QR code is very secure code. By looking at the QR code code, we cannot know what data is hidden behind it. When we scan the QR code, we get the data inside.

And in today’s time its use has increased considerably. In today’s changing era, a lot of people use the QR code to take payment from their customers.

Those who have already connected to the Internet will probably know the QR code well, even if it does not look bad or small business, many people do not know about it.

By the way, we can also extend the QR code which was used in the mid-1970s, it was first used in the supermarket and it was used to track most of the things.

Why QR code is  important?

It is not that the QR code has just arrived in the market, it has been with us for quite some time, you must have seen the QR codes on many food packing and it is an updated version of them. The code you see in the market.

The QR code is scanned with the help of a scanner app, then the app reads that valuable information and understands the QR code and sends the URL to us.

    What is the difference between QR code and 1D UPC barcode?

    By the way, there is a lot of difference between these two. One is an empty Vertical Line and the other is a square shape. If we talk about scanning, then we can directly scan both of these and anyone.

    1D UPC barcode In this Type Of Code, we can store more than 30 numbers but in QR code we can contain 7089 numbers.

    How to scan QR code from Smartphone ?

    What is QR code, How to create and how to use?

    If you also have a smartphone, you can scan all these QR codes from whatever phone you are using and you can use this type of application like Red Laser, Barcode Scanner, Qr Code Scanner to scan the code. Are and you will get all these applications for free on play store.

    You can use this QR code just by installing all these applications in your phone from your smartphone’s camera or by scanning the R code.

    What does QR code store?

    If you want to know in simple language, we can use QR code ‘image based hypertext links‘ in plain mode. We can enter any URL in this court and we can use this code.

    For Example, if you want to link your own website or some business website, then you can do this very easily with the help of QR code. As soon as anyone scans the yoga code, it will be redirected to your website.

    QR code was invented?

    Denso-wave which is subsidiary company Toyota group that they First Invented Qr code.

    The main objective of the QR code was that it could easily Track the Different part scores created by the Vehicle, but as time changed, its use has increased considerably and QR codes have been used in different areas.

    QR Code Applications ー

    Let us now see where and where the course is used in the business related section.

    • QR code can be redirected to any specific website.
    • QR code can be used to share messages.
    • QR codes can be like discount codes.
    • We can use it on business cards so that all the details of our business are inside it.
    • We can use QR code to take payment from anyone.
    • Using the QR code given above, you must have known how you can use the QR code.
    • We do not need to login to mobile and enter password.

    What is QR code Disadvantage? 

    We have many advantages from QR code and there are many disadvantages along with the benefits such as security problem issue. And with enough care coat, dangerous information can be stored in your phone. And your phone can also be hacked.

    But now it has reduced considerably on all things because the QR code gets blocked automatically as soon as more course QR code stands.

    What Have You Learned?

    I sincerely hope that you have got complete information about what is QR code, how to create and how to use it. I try to get more knowledge in QR code in less words.

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