November 30, 2021

What is YouTube short and how to use it?

YouTube shots are currently in son version but this early version has been launched in India.

After the departure of Tiktok, the attention of many Indian company in India went towards Tiktok user. As soon as tiktok was banned, many different companies started launching their apps in India.

Many applications were very good and many applications were fraud. In such a situation, why did Google stay behind, so Google flexed its YouTube short to leave all these alternative company behind.

When China’s apps were banned, many tech companies filled their apps with the entire market. 

YouTube Short was a good challenge for Short for Video. So without delay

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What is YouTube Short – 

YouTube Short is a short video app like TIKTOK in which you can create 15 to 30 SECOUND videos and upload them there. That too on big platforms like YouTube.

(This application is available only in India. That too in beta version)

What is YouTube short and how to use it?
What is YouTube short and how to use it?

Features of YouTube Short-

Right now these features are very less in the application but there are also many features which are currently running in the trial. Now you have to use very limited features in it.

1. Like all applications, you can slow or fasten videos in this too.

2. You can record videos right there. And in that video you can add song.

3. It has added a Features with a Multi-Segment Camera.

4. It also has the features of time countdown. Notifies you about the time when you make a video in video short.

Does YouTube Short TIKTOK Copy?

You can or cannot copy YouTube Short TIKTOK. We cannot say directly that YouTube has copied Tiktok. When you use this application, you come to know that it is very different from TIKTOK and YouTube Short has come with some new concepts.

A company like Google, which launches an application in the market, does any application with a lot of preaching.

Google also has 3 big teachings in the launch of YouTube Short. That you should know

With this service, he wants to connect the area. Creation, community build-up. This application is not meant to be uploaded to make preaching videos, in the coming time, you have written many new futures in this application which will not be available in other apps.

Can YouTube Short Make Money?

This question would have happened to all of you.

Till now YouTube has not said anything that you can make money from YouTube short or not. But one thing is clear. 

Tiktok had 700 million active 1 month usage. Instagram has 1 billion active users and the same YouTube has more than 2 billion active users in 1 month. 

Which is more than a total, including Tick Talk and Instagram.

So many people are going to join YouTube short. YouTube already has a monetization future. For which we are going to invest a lot of creators.

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