November 30, 2021

The First Aadhaar card made in India ?

Who created the first Aadhaar card? We are living in a country where the population is more than 130 million and India is a country which is the second most populous in the world.

But you will have to ask, “Who made the first Aadhaar card?”The Aadhaar card has been created by the Government of India for the public interest of the people.

Today we will know in this article, who created the first Aadhar card in India? Who is the man or woman who made the first Aadhaar card in India. So let’s start without delay.

When was the first Aadhaar card made in India?

The first Aadhaar card was created in India on 29 September 2010.

Who created the first Aadhar card?

The first Aadhaar card in India was created by Ranjana Sonwane ji. The first Aadhaar card was found in India on 29 September 2010. The Aadhaar card was made by the then Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

Ranjana Sonwane ji or the first half-holder woman of India is Tembhali of northern Maharashtra Is a resident of the village.

What is the base number of Ranjana Sonwane ji?

Ranjana Sonwane ji’s base number “782474317884”. With this number, Ranjana Sonwane ji has become different in the whole of India since that day because she was the first woman in India to have received an Aadhaar card which received unique identification.

Ranjana Sonwane is from which village?

Ranjana Sonwane lives in Tembhali village. Son village is a very rural village. Which is located in Nandurbar district in the northern part of Maharashtra. This Pune is about 470 km away.

What changes happened in Ranjana Ji’s life after becoming the first Aadhar card holder in India?

His life has not changed at all since he received the Aadhaar card because when a famous magazine called India Today tried to know about the current situation of Ranjana’s ji in the village.

the shocking truth came out where by Ranjana ji It was said that he had to say that he would get a job after getting the Aadhaar card, but later he came to know that the Aadhaar card is just an identity card and nothing more.

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I hope who made you the first Aadhaar card in India? Full information has been given about and firstly the Aadhaar holder woman should have got a good information.

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