November 26, 2021


What is chess that you would know and you must have played it at some point in your life, but do you know who invented chess? If not, do not worry, today we will provide information about this in this post.

Chess is a game that everyone enjoys playing, and everybody can play it and also enjoy playing it and it is such a game that also makes our mind sharp. Do you need to have a vicious mind in playing the game? Let’s start without delay.

What is chess?

Chess game is a game in which you have to have a sharp mind to play. There are two types of boxes in this game, one black and one white in which 1-1 pieces are kept. The name of this game is something like this – there are many names like pawn, elephant, horse, king, queen, soldier, etc.

Or the game is not as easy as you think. YouTube is many such games in our life in which Sagari Khurja is played using physical force. But chess is completely different from this, you have to play with your mind in it. Special scientists who have done research on chess have said that it is a game which shows the life of the people of ancient times.

Wilhelm steinitz or father of the game. Long time ago there was a king named Sivaram who ruled in India. He was an autocrat. Around this time a wise man invented the game of chess to show the king. However, no one has yet known who invented chess and why.

Who invented chess game?

It is quite difficult to tell who invented chess but according to sources chess was invented in India, which was the beginning of the game in the sixth century. Today’s Modern Chase is taken from our old game Chitra Chaturanga.

Which was quite popular at that time; chess is the oldest brain-playing game in the world, although there are many games in the world in which the brain is used, but the color is very high.

which country was the game of chess invented?

The term chess was invented in India. Chess is actually inspired by the Chaturanga game. Chaturang Khel went from India to Parsi countries. During the journey there it was found that the name “Raja” here, which is also called “Raja” in the culture, was changed to Persian and changed to the new name “Shah” and from this same name or name of the game became chess.

which country was the game of chess invented?

The chess word that we use in English today is derived from the echec words of France.

When did chess come to India?

There is also no old record of playing chess but it is believed that chess game is this game of India which has developed into the game of chaturanga.

The fellow also finds that this game has been going on for more than 4,000 years. Chess came to India in the early stages around the sixth century, one of our predecessors Chaturanga showed this modern game in aspects of chess.

Who is the father of modern chess?

The father of modern Chess is called Wilhelm steinitz.

What did you learn today?

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