November 30, 2021

Who and How was the telescope invented?

Do you know who invented the telescope?

Like we know that we use telescopes or binoculars to see distant things. Today we can easily see the planets and stars located millions of millions of meters away from one place using telescopes.

Telescopes have been installed in many parts of the world and in many countries and binoculars are used to see the space changes.

There are many countries in the world where vast numbers have been planted so that you can easily see the far-flung areas of space.

For example –

Spitzer Space Telescope, Fermi Gamma Telescope, etc. So in this article today, we will get all the information related to the telescope.

the telescope
the telescope

Then let us begin, who invented this telescope or telescope.

Who invented the telescope?

The telescope was invented by Hans LippersheyHans Lippershey was an eyeglass maker who played sports in the 17th century 1608, the son of an eyeglass trader living in the town of Middleburg, Holland.

This merchant’s name was Hans Lippershey. The telescope is a device that dices away distant things easily. Hans Lippershey named it kikjer.

kikjer is a picture language spoken Hans Lippershey did not do any special work in the discovery of the new telescope and neither was he a great scientist. The last know-how the telescope was discovered.

When was the telescope invented?

The telescope was invented in 1608 in the 17th century.

Where was the telescope invented?

The telescope was invented in the city of Middleburg, Holland.

How was the telescope invented?

Lippershey brought his child to work at the shop during the holiday time. He asked to print a colorful score in a basket, but he looked at the door with all the glass in his eyes.

He tried to mix red and sometimes yellow and he got nervous because the church kept in front of him, there was some confusion, but when he looked again, he saw the same situation.

And he thought or told him to tell his father something magical or not. But he could not stop himself for long and he gave a voice to his father Hans Leppreshey and told him to look at these glasses in his eyes. 

Hans Leppreshey was also surprised to see this miracle and after applying those glasses, the distant things were coming 3 times closer and the tower which was located far away also started to appear nearby.

Hans Leppreshey got so mad that he started dancing with his son on his lap and his son started worrying about what he had done but he did not know he had invented to see the distant object in front.

Hans Leppreshey said that now we will make a device that will also name us and this is how the telescope was invented.

On September 25, 1608, the Hans Leppreshey telescope was invented in its name, and the telescope uses both convex lenses and concave and convex lenses.

Galileo also made an attractive telescope.

After that, Galileo started making telescopes as soon as he heard this news, adding more lenses, he made a telescope looking near the lion fold. He also prepared a telescope that looked 20 to 30 times the closers.

Which are some of the most famous in the world?

Let us know which telescope is the most famous.

  1. Hubble Space Telescope
  2. James Webb Space Telescope
  3. Kepler telescope
  4. Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA)
  5. Arecibo Observatory

What did you teach today?

Today you learned how binoculars were invented, and who invented the day. Black and it is not very difficult and special, but this invention became very famous later.

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