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Who owns zara? Today we will talk about one of the most famous brands in the world, there are many people who know about it but no one knows whose zara brand it is. According to me, you will definitely know about brands like Puma, nike, Adidas. But today we will talk about the zara brand.

After all, who is “own of zara brand“, so let’s start without delay. zara brand has been ruling people for a long time. You will get complete information after reading this article.

Zara or is a Spanish company that specializes in fashion, but its fashion, clothes, clothes are very popular all over the world and for many people who have an interest in fashion, this brand is a good quality and affordable brand. 

It is the largest company in the Inditex Group, the largest apparel retailer in the world. As of 2017 Zara manages 20 clothing collections a year.

In today’s time, the fashion industry would look quite small because the cost of clothes is very low nowadays, but do you know whether it was the second richest person in the world from fashion industries or was the honor of Zara.

ZARA Brand History

The story began in 1950 in Spain and is a beautiful city called “La Coron” in the North. Amancio Ortega was just 14 years old when he got his first job. Amancio Ortega worked at a retail store in an orange by way. Their job was to delete a cloth to the retailer.

Amancio Ortega did his job very hard and well and as he grew older and started to deal with the customers who came to the store and in 1960 he became the manager of the store.

When Amancio Ortega was free, he used to develop his own designs. Amancio Ortega was very cheap and used the remaining material. And used to sell it at other retail stores.


In 1963, Amancio Ortega decided to leave his job and start a company. Starting from his home, he started “confeccioness Goa” for just $25. He hired all his siblings. For a long time Ho was distributing fabric to the retail store. If they did not have any more family members, then they started a corporation swing of all the women living in their area.

By 1960, Amancio Ortega spread it all over Spain, but even then it sold only a fabric. And till then they did not have any store.

Seeing Spain’s political climate, he was not starting his company till then Spain was in fancy detector. And he appeared after the Spanish Civil War. Therefore, many customers of Amancio Ortega did not have money to spend money on fashion. Amancio Ortega was so lucky that Franco died in 1975. And also his dictatorship with him.

Many social and economic avenues opened up in 1970. And with this the country started to move forward a lot and this year, Spanish medical call was started and Amancio Ortega was ready to take advantage of it.

And after Franco’s death, Amancio started his own store, which he opened a retail store named “la corona.” He was about to name the store “ZORBA.” As soon as he bought the latest for the store, he realized that there was a club bar of the same name under his floor.

Looking at the same latest Amancio, he thought of a new name and named it “ZARA.” The launch time of ZARA was perfect as the brand received good praise due to the unique style.

You may have seen many times that many branches make clothes and sell them on regional models and start selling them after the end of the season in the sale price, but ZARA Brand was able to bring new designs every year. 

ZARA Brand did not produce much of its product. Because of which he did not read much about discount sales. Many customers of ZARA Brand started buying it before the design was over. From limited production, their customers came to know that the design of ZARA Brand would be quite different.
People also used to visit ZARA Brand because they also know that each time they come, they will get different designs. Because Amancio had full control over Ortega production.

Therefore, he was able to bring his new designs in between. ZARA Brand’s model is also known as fast fast fashion. At that time I became a big hit. Amancio Ortega greatly expanded its business and also built a 10,000 square meter logistics center.

In 1985 and agreed to be an international experiment. And so he named his company “INDITEX.” And to check how much water he is in, he started his brand in Portugal in 1988. And its results were also coming good, so Amancio Ortega opened its new store in New York in 1989 and Paris in 1990.

By 1990, Zara opened 50 stores of ZARA Brand all over the world. Amancio wanted to expand Ortega INDITEX more than ZARA.

In 1991 he started a brand called PULL & BEAR and by the end of 1991 he started a new brand “BERSHKA” and bought the brand “STARDIVARIOUS.” By then, Amancio Ortega had become 64 years old, but he thought of retirement.

In 2001, he thought of making INDITEX public. He sold 20 shares of INDITEX, and Amancio Ortega became the richest person in Spain. Moreover, he opened more than 20 thousands stores in Hong Kong. INDITEX is opening a store every day. In 2008, he went beyond “H&M” or “GAP” by purchasing an accessory brand called ZARA Brand Stuck You.

As on date, INDITEX has 7,292 stores. Which are spread in 93 countries of the world. Amancio Ortega came in second place among the richest in the world. And in 2011 Amancio Ortega retired. But did not stop dominating even after him left.

Is Zara expensive ?

Zara isn’t expensive. Its removed from being expensive but it isn’t cheap either. Though during sale you will get specialized stuff and really very low prices.

Zara is truly known for providing high fashion items at very low prices and what you see at Zara you’d see only at luxury brand stores that you’d end up paying 15 to twenty times of what you pay at ZARA. 

Which brand would you decide between Zara and H&M?

Fast fashion is that the darling of the fashion retail today. Whereas women’s haberdashery sales have declined 2.7 percent within the U.S., a recent report from Hitwise shows the fast fashion market has grown has grown 21 percent worldwide over the past three years.

Two brands are the leaders within the fast fashion market: H&M and Zara, an Inditex brand. as long as both are international brands, it’s hard to draw line-by-line comparisons for the U.S. market. But here is what you’d wish to understand . 

Zara is growing twice as fast a H&M, up 8 percent as compared with 4 percent from 2016-2017. H&M operates 536 stores within the U.S., while Zara operates about 300 stores here out of some 800 Inditex brand stores within land.

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