November 30, 2021

Who Owns Zudio and Zudio is Expensive ?

Who Owns Zudio? Today we are going to talk about such a brand which many people do not know, but this brand is famous.

Must have seen many showrooms of Zudio Brand but what do you know, Who Owns Zudio Brand? If not, then read this article completely.

What is Zudio?

Who owns Zudio?
Who Owns Zudio?

The Brand was Embellished by the Tata Group in 1998, beginning with Zudio. Zudio works under the Tata group. Zudio is a Mass Market Brand in Value Format Offering and a Different Fashion Destination.

Zudio is very much in love with its customers and Zudio making men, women and baby clothes. Tata Trent Ltd opened its first 8,000 sqft private label store Zudio on Commercial Street in Bangalore in September 2016 and Second Store open in Hyderabad.

Zudio History

Zudio has started in a very interesting way. The Tata group is handled by Zudio. In 1998, Tata cosmetic production company Lakme transferred its 50% share in HUL to the Tata group for 200 Million Rupees ($48.46 million) and the money that came from it created the brand named Zudio in the Tata group. Which keeps a collection of cosmetic and all kinds of clothes.

Zudio This company is a Retail Type Company.   Zudio This brand is very similar to Zara fashion brand. And both of them sell the same product till today.

The head office of Zudio was Established in Mumbai. Where is this brand famous in India because at a very low price this bread gives us good quality clothes and accessories items.

Is Zudio Expensive?

This fashion store is not very expensive, you will find all kinds of clothes and accessories items. Zudio provides us much better clothes and such items in less price.

Zudio is the favorite soul of the people as it supports the Tata group to the fashion store, due to which the market share of Zudio is quite high.

Who owns Zudio?

Who owns Zudio?
Who owns Zudio?

Zudio is owned by owner Noel Tata and half his brother Ratan Tata Zudio, that is, the Zudio is owned by the Tata Group that owns it. The owners of zudio are also from the Tata group.

Is Zudio a Tata brand?

Yes, Tata group company turns on Zudio, it maintains all Zudio stores are Tata group.

Zudio is one such brand that is easily received by Zudio all over showrooms from 20 Zudio Showrooms across India spread across 12 cities of India.

TRENT LTD COMPANY,  which also acts as a retailer in fashion brands, is also a big arm of Zudio or company and this company also oversee Zudio.

TRENT has 162 retail stores spread across 8000 to 34000 Square Feet and is available in 82 Major Cities across India, Zudio is an affordable fashion brand.

What have you Learned?

I hope you Who own Zudio? You must have got a good information about it. Our effort is to provide to you all kinds of information in easy language so that you do not need to read another post or other article.

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