November 30, 2021

How to create YouTube shorts video?

You will know about YouTube shorts. But do you know how to make YouTube shorts your videos? If not, this post must be read today, because I am going to provide you well information in this subject.

How to create YouTube shorts video?
How to create YouTube shorts video?

By the way, creating YouTube shorts videos is quite easy. But there are many people who have no idea about this. How to create YouTube shorts video? I will try to explain it to you in this article. So let’s start without delay.

How to make YouTube shorts videos?


(Which step you need to keep in mind while making YouTube shorts videos.)

1. First you need to update your YouTube application, after that start YouTube.

2. As soon as you open YouTube then you will see the symbol of Plus below and in the middle, click there and then select the same create shots.

3. Now you can shoot the entire video simultaneously, after the video is recorded, you can also edit it, not only you can also change the speed, you can apply the music in the video, you can also trim the clip.

4. After you thought that the video has been edited correctly, after that you can upload that video to YouTube channel.

Short camera What can I do?

To make a short, you have to start this camera first, after that you will also get a lot of editing tools in which you can also add two videos separately, speed – control and time, and the same video – clip I music add Can do

YouTube shorts How do I make videos and you don’t have access to short camera?

You can upload videos even if you do not have access to short camera. For videos which are less than 60 seconds, you have to use hashtag #shorts title otherwise you can use the description. This shows YouTube that this video is a

is as short.

But soon YouTube is testing a section in which you will get to watch videos on the home page of YouTube. All videos written in it will be less than 60 second.

So if you still have not made the video on YouTube shorts, then you should start uploading videos from now.

I hope you know how to create a YouTube shorts video in this post? Must have got good information about. If you like this information, or if there is any doubt about the article, you can suggest me by commenting below.

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